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Monoclonal Antibodies List
Cat No.SpeciesNameSynonymsSizeQtyPriceAction
AP0220RabbitPhospho-STMN1-S25Lag; SMN; OP18; PP17; PP19; PR22; LAP18; C1orf215;$300Add to Cart
AP0128RabbitPhospho-ATF2-T69/T51HB16; CREB2; TREB7; CRE-BP1;$300Add to Cart
AP0120RabbitPhospho-GSK3A-S21$300Add to Cart
AP0119RabbitPhospho-JUN-S73AP1; AP-1; c-Jun;$300Add to Cart
AP0116RabbitPhospho-AMPKα-T172AMPK; AMPKa1;$300Add to Cart
AP0114RabbitPhospho-RYR2-S2807$300Add to Cart
AP0113RabbitPhospho-Cebpb-S184$300Add to Cart
AP0112RabbitPhospho-RYR2-S2809RyR; ARVC2; ARVD2; RYR-2; VTSIP;$300Add to Cart
AP0100RabbitPhospho-Btk-Y223AT; ATK; BPK; XLA; IMD1; AGMX1; PSCTK1$300Add to Cart
AP0099RabbitPhospho-H2AFX-S139H2AFX; Histone H2A.x;$300Add to Cart
AP0097RabbitPhospho-HIST1H3B-S28H3/l; H3FL$300Add to Cart
AP0096RabbitPhospho-PDPK1-S241PDPK1; MGC20087 ; MGC35290 ;PDK1;PRO0461; 3-phosphoinositide-dependent protein kinase 1;$380Add to Cart
AP0094RabbitPhospho-MTOR-S2448MTOR;FLJ44809;FRAP;FRAP1;FRAP2;RAFT1;RAPT1;$300Add to Cart
AP0093RabbitPhospho-HIST1H3B-T11H3/A; H3FA$300Add to Cart
AP0093RabbitPhospho-HIST1H3B-T11H3/A; H3FA$300Add to Cart
AP0091RabbitPhospho-IRF3-S386IRF3 ; Interferon regulatory factor 3 ;$380Add to Cart
AP0090RabbitPhospho-SMC1A-S957SMC1; SMCB; CDLS2; SB1.8; SMC1L1; DXS423E; SMC1alpha$300Add to Cart
AP0089RabbitPhospho-Rb-S811 RB1; RB; pRb; OSRC; pp110; p105-Rb$300Add to Cart
AP0088RabbitPhospho-RB-S795 RB1; RB; pRb; OSRC; pp110; p105-Rb$300Add to Cart
AP0087RabbitPhospho-RAF1-S621NS5; CRAF; Raf-1; c-Raf$300Add to Cart
AP0086RabbitPhospho-RAC1-S71MIG5; Rac-1; TC-25; p21-Rac1;$300Add to Cart
AP0085RabbitPhospho-p53-S9P53; LFS1; TRP53; FLJ92943; TP53;$300Add to Cart
AP0083RabbitPhospho-p53-S15TP53; P53; LFS1; TRP53; FLJ92943;$300Add to Cart
AP0082RabbitPhospho-MYC-S62MRTL; c-Myc; bHLHe39;$300Add to Cart
AP0081RabbitPhospho-MAP2K6-S207/MAP2K3-S189$300Add to Cart
AP0079RabbitPhospho-MET-Y1235-p HGFR; AUTS9; RCCP2; c-Met$300Add to Cart
AP0078RabbitPhospho-MET-Y1234-p HGFR; AUTS9; RCCP2; c-Met$300Add to Cart
AP0077RabbitPhospho-MET-Y1349HGFR; AUTS9; RCCP2; c-Met$300Add to Cart
AP0076RabbitPhospho-MET-Y1003HGFR; AUTS9; RCCP2; c-Met$300Add to Cart
AP0074RabbitPhospho-MDM2-S260HDMX; hdm2; ACTFS; MGC5370; MGC71221$300Add to Cart



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