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About ELISA Kits

The Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay or, ELISA, is a simple, sensitive, specific, and quantitativeplatform that allows for the measurement of analytes indiverse biological matrices. The ELISA platform is particularly attractivesince it requires only basic research tools to perform, canaccommodate numeroussamplesin a short time frame,and is relatively inexpensive.

NeoScientific provides ELISA kits in two formats, a sandwich ELISA and a competitive ELISA. Both kit types come with a 96-strip well plate pre-coated with a highly specific capture antibody. Analyte inthe sample is detected by binding of a second highly specific biotinylated antibody in the case of the sandwich kit or by the decrease in signal thataccompanies displacement of a biotinylated by anative analyte inthe case of the competitive kit.



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