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Methylated Antibodies List
Cat No.SpeciesNameSynonymsSizeQtyPriceAction
AP0126RabbitPhospho-JUN-S243AP1; AP-1; c-Jun;$300Add to Cart
AP0034RabbitPhospho-ERBB4-Y1284ERBB4; HER4; p180erbB4; MGC138404;$300Add to Cart
A6444RabbitPJA2RNF131; Neurodap1;$220Add to Cart
A5619RabbitPGRMC1MPR; HPR6.6;$220Add to Cart
A5618RabbitMAP1LC3ALC3; LC3A; ATG8E; MAP1ALC3; MAP1BLC3;$220Add to Cart
A5616RabbitGABARAPMM46; ATG8A; GABARAP-a;$220Add to Cart
A5460RabbitFHL1KYOT; SLIM; FHL-1; FHL1A; FHL1B; FLH1A; SLIM1; XMPMA; SLIM-1; SLIMMER;$220Add to Cart
A4079RabbitRNH1RAI; RNH;$220Add to Cart
A1520RabbitPRMT5HRMT1L5; IBP72; JBP1; SKB1; SKB1Hs; PRMT5;Skb1Hs Methyltransferase$220Add to Cart
A1515RabbitCOL5A1COL5A1; collagen; type V; alpha 1; collagen alpha-1(V) chain;$220Add to Cart
A1514RabbitCES2iCE; CE-2; PCE-2; CES2A1;$220Add to Cart
A1513RabbitECM1ECM1; extracellular matrix protein 1; Secretory component p85;$220Add to Cart
A1511RabbitTIMP3HSMRK222; K222; K222TA2; SFD;TIMP3;$220Add to Cart
A1510RabbitNPYPYY4; NPY; Neuropeptide Y CPON;$220Add to Cart
A1509RabbitADIPOR1Adiponectin receptor protein 1; Progestin and adipoQ receptor family member I ; CGI-45; PAQR1; ADIPOR1;$220Add to Cart
A1508RabbitITGAXITGAX;CD11C;SLEB6;Integrin alpha-X;CD11 antigen-like family memberC; Leu M5;$220Add to Cart
A1496RabbitSLC8A1SLC8A1;CNC; NCX1;$220Add to Cart
A1492RabbitGRIA4GLUR4; GLURD; GluA4; GLUR4C$220Add to Cart
A1491RabbitPOT1POT1;DKFZp586D211;hPot1 ;$220Add to Cart
A1490RabbitRBBP4NURF55; RBAP48;$220Add to Cart
A1489RabbitTLR8CD288; TLR8$220Add to Cart
A1488RabbitC19orf18Uncharacterized protein C19orf18;C19orf18$220Add to Cart
A1486RabbitPRDX4AOE37-2; PRX-4;$220Add to Cart
A1485RabbitNOS1NOS1;IHPS1;N-NOS;NC-NOS;NOS;Bnos;nNOS$220Add to Cart
A1484MouseKDRFLK1; CD309; VEGFR; VEGFR2$300Add to Cart
A11524RabbitPECAM1PECAM1; CD31; FLJ58394; PECAM-1;$220Add to Cart
A11497RabbitJAK2JTK10; THCYT3;$220Add to Cart
A11492RabbitCDH1CDH1; Arc-1;CD324 ;CDHE ; ECAD;LCAM ; UVO ;E-Cad/CTF3 ;Uvomorulin; E-Cadherin;$220Add to Cart
A11483RabbitSQSTM1$220Add to Cart



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