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Kendall Scientific is a dynamic and growing provider of high quality biology research reagents, tools, and custom services. From our headquarters in the heart of the Boston Biotech Cluster we support the needs of academic and industry clients for custom-made proteins, antibodies and peptides. In addition, we maintain a large catalog of unique and highly sensitive ELISA kits, and ready-made proteins, peptides, antibodies, and cell culture products.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality research reagents and services for reasonable costs allowing our customers to focus their precious time and resources on advancing their own research. We provide our customers with the critical reagents they need more rapidly and in a more cost-effective manner than can be done in their own labs.

To provide the most effective support we are constantly seeking out new technologies that speed up project delivery, drive down cost, and improve quality. Such improvements include the recent introduction of our MassAb™ platform that produces a panel of monoclonal antibodies against a single target protein at greatly reduced per antibody costs. In addition, we also produce no-risk custom polyclonal antibodies that customers can receive at no cost for evaluation in their own systems.



Custom Monoclonal Antibody
MassAb Technologies
Free Trial Custom Polyclonal Antibody
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Custom Peptides Synthesis

Start from $40/each

new technologies

Optimized for enhanced
expression levels
XPromoter 2.0
E.coli/insect cells/293 & CHO

3 in 1 expression system
MassAb Technologies

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